Sunday, September 27, 2009

Betong Beach Sunset

(By right I should post the photo couple weeks ago, thanks to Penangfon, I almost crazy to get my line connected. Very upset with their technical support.)

Betong is a nice place to enjoy sunset view, I found that I am not alone when I was there to shoot the sun.......It seem like a popular place to shoot sunset. I felt sunset and sunrise are like a paint, the scene never be same, every moment is precious because they are short.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Penang Seaside

Do you like seaside?

I think I love it, when I pursued my study in KL I can felt the air has different smell, no salty element. Ha.... sound so funny!!! Frankly, that is true, I did't bluff you though that is part of my hobbies....^_^

Penang island was encompass by sea so I took some photo for sharing, I am not a professional photographer so don't put too much expectation..... thank you. I also posted some photo in my facebook, you are welcome to add me, my email is, no junk mail, please and don't spread virus to me.

Yacht Club near to Penang Ferry

Batu Ferrenghi - Love Island
Does it look like a heart?? I think this is smaller offshore island at
Batu Ferrenghi Beach

Balik Pulau Betong Beach
Sorry! I just had one photo with artistic shooting angle (don't complain lar! I knew that is a bit sick up), this weekend we plan to re-visit the beach for sunset if no rain for that day. Btw, this place is one of the tsunami scene, rip the victims in the tragedy.

Another offshore island at Betong, this one much bigger....

The seaside just beside housing area along the Jelutong Highway.

Good place for jogging and 'Pathology', not the medical jargon, please read out with Cantonese accent, then you will get it. ok??

We can see the mainland

bathing in morning sunshine

Gurney Drive, one of the happening places in Penang, with one glance can you tell this is Gurney Drive seaside? I not re-composed the photo, this is original. I jumped out from my car and chase after the sampan when I caught a glimpse of the scene, honestly I still not very sure why I do that.

Hello! little early bird, do you taken your breakfast?

To take this photo I stood in muddy beach

I think the background is Gunung Jerai

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tropical Spice Garden

Tropical Spice Garden 坐落在槟城直落巴巷,是一个以热带香草香料为主题的公园。如果您喜欢大自然有空去走一回也不错。 不过要付钱的哦!

Self Guided Tour
Family Package (2 Adult & Up To 3 Children) : RM28Adult : RM13Child (4 ~ 12 years) : RM5

Guided Tour
Family Package (2 Adult & Up To 3 Children) : RM45Adult : RM20Child (4 ~ 12 years) : RM5Visitor Centre
Adult : RM1
Child : FREE